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A Matthew Espinosa Fanfiction: Same World Different People

"Here we are, have a great time in California," I gave the driver some money, grabbed my bags, and walked into the hotel. It’s strange to think that just six months ago, I made my first vine. If you didn’t already know, my names Kaitlin. Before vine, I was known as the "weird girl" in school. But after it came out and I started making the short videos, and then sometimes uploaded videos onto YouTube. After about a month and 100k followers later, people from my school started to find out and actually started to talk to me.

I hit 900k last month which was around the same time I got asked to tour with Sunsations. The tour officially starts in two days, but the acts were asked to come earlier so we can all get to know each other.

I walked over to the person behind the counter, “Kaitlin Somers.” I watched as the lady started typing fiercely on the computer, “Here’s your key. You’ll be on floor four, room 407. Enjoy your stay Miss Somers.” I smiled, “Thank you.”

I dragged my bags to the elevator and pressed the fourth floor. Just as the elevator was about to shut, I heard a voice yell to wait. The boy made it just in time. “What floor?” I asked not looking at him. “Kaitlin, right?” Startled I looked over sighing in relief, “Yes. Carter?” He smiled. I’ve watched a few of his vines, particularly the ones with his mom. “So are you excited?” He asked. I smirked, “Saying I’m excited would just be an understatement.” He laughed and I joined in.

The elevator opened and we both walked out along with our bags. Just ahead I could hear a couple guys yelling and laughing. I couldn’t quite make out who they were from where I was standing, or at least until Carter yelled, “Aye Matt, Taylor, Aaron. So good to see you guys.”

As Carter and Matt hugged, I introduced myself to Taylor and Aaron. Taylor was wearing a bandana, the usual. See I know a few things about the original Magcon. I turned around and froze. Of course I was aware who Matt was and how attractive he was, I mean thats all everyone ever talks about, but I was still taken back. “Hi, I’m Kaitlin,” I smiled. He grinned, “So I’ve heard.” He was wearing a grey obey sweatshirt with khakis and vans. “So you guys wanna check out the boardwalk while we wait for the others?” Carter asked. We all agreed.

I put my bags in my room and threw on a cropped tank top and a skirt, letting down my hair in loose waves.

I walked out and all eyes were on me. Did I do something wrong? I brushed it off, “Shall we go?” They nodded and we made our way down to the boardwalk.

"Have you ever been to California?" Matt asked. I nodded, "A few times, but only to see Jc and everyone. I’ve never been to the beaches." He smiled, god he was beautiful, “Guess I’ll have to show you around.” I rose an eye, “I guess you will.” Carter and Taylor stopped, “We’re gonna go play beach volleyball, do you guys want to join us?” Matt shook his head, “We’re good.”

We grabbed frozen yogurt and continued walking. “What made you start vine?” he asked. “At school, I felt like I couldn’t be myself. No one really liked me, or even talked to me. So one day I just downloaded the app and whatever I thought was funny, I’d vine.” He looked like he was trying to process everything I had said. Just as he was about to say something, a group of girls started running towards us.

They were screaming our names and crowded us. We looked at each other, laughed and started taking pictures. “Are you guys dating?” We started laughing. “No no no,” I covered my eyes and put my head on his shoulder. “I mean it only took a few months.” It only took a few months? “I mean the whole fandom has been waiting for you guys to meet and get together.” Matt laughed, “We’re not dati-” they didn’t let him finish. 

We said our goodbyes and Matt and I kept walking. He smirked, “They like us.” I rose my eyebrow, “You mean they ship us.” We laughed. I walked over to the wall that separated the boardwalk from the beach and stared. “Isn’t it beautiful?” I asked. He was starting at me, smiling. I crossed my arms, “What?” He shook his head, “We should head back.”

A/n: So this is a little different from the other ones I written, but should I continue with this?

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sorry guys I haven’t written anything in a while. I was about to, but then one of my friends committed suicide. I’ll try and write something this weekend, sorry for the wait

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New Fanfiction

I have a good idea that I want to continue with, but I don’t know who to be in it. So, who do you want to see more of? Matt, Cameron, Nash, or Sammy?

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tutus-pointe-shoes asked: Will there be a part 7, 8, 9.... For the Cameron fanfic? I've been waiting a while, it's so good and I re read it for the 5th time haha you're an amazing writer!!

I love you, thank you so much 😊 I’m hoping to update this part sometime this weekend

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Anonymous asked: What's your wattpad? I'm on mobile I any click the link.

I only have ANB & The Secret up as of right now

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Most people know me because I used to be “best friends” with the Matthew Espinosa. Now that he’s back in town after finishing his sensations tour, that’s all anyone seems to be talking about. 

"Y/n are you almost ready?" Kaitlyn said barging into my room. There was a party at Nick’s tonight that she somehow persuaded me into coming along. "Kate, how did you even get into my house?" She sat on my bed, "Garage code." I went to my closest and tried to find something simple. I ended up putting on high waisted shorts and a black top, leaving my hair down in loose waves.image

After I put on mascara, we headed to the car and were on our way. I leaned my head back and sighed deeply. I didn’t know what to think, I haven’t seen Matt in a year, let alone talk to him. I couldn’t tell if I was more mad than upset. “What’s wrong?” I rolled my head towards the window, “Just thinking.” She looked at me sympathetically, “Matt?” I bit my lip, “No…Maybe.” I tucked my hair behind my ear and sat up straighter, “I’m just confused on what I’m thinking. All my anger is building up, but then again I’m still hurt.” She sighed, “His flight lands tomorrow, so just try and enjoy tonight.” I managed to smile.

We pulled into their driveway and there were already what seemed like a hundred people here. When we walked into the house everyone started greeting us and you could smell the alcohol in their breaths. The music was blasting and people were dancing, so Kate and I joined them. Several songs played, but it was starting to get hot and I was getting light headed. I looked over at Kate, “I’m going to get some water.” A hand grabbed mine, “I’ll come with you,” it was Nick.

To be honest I didn’t know what Nick and I were. He was gorgeous and he liked me, but there was still something holding me back. Probably because he’s basically Matt’s brother. He took me into the kitchen and got me some water, “Thank you.” He smiled, “No problem.” After I was done, he took my cup,

People kept pouring into the kitchen and it was starting to get crowded. Nick grabbed my hand, “Let me show you around.” He started upstairs and worked our way down to the living room. The house was more modern than anything, except for the piano.

I walked over to it and ran my fingers along the keys, “Heintzman?” He shrugged, “My mom and dad always believed in getting the best of the best.” I nodded and admired it. “Do you still want to go to Juilliard?” I sighed, “That’s the dream.” Everyone knows that I play and that I’m good. My parent’s always called me their prodigy, I mean my first song was River Flows in you. “How did you learn?”

I hesitated at the question, but then pushed the thought behind me, “When I was 10, Matthew thought it would be fun to try and teach me. So, he showed me a couple chords and it sort of took off from ther-” Someone coughed, startling me, I thought we were the only ones in the room. I turned around and saw a pair of brown eyes burning through me. I stood there frozen. “Hey Matt,” Nick said as they did a hand shake. 

I stood there not knowing what to do. Matt opened his mouth to say something, but I walked straight passed him, not wanting to hear what he had to say. I went back to where everyone was dancing and pulled Kate’s hand, “He’s here.” She took a few steps to try and regain her balance, “Who?” I grew impatient, “Matt.” “Oh shit,” she slurred and quickly continued, “Have you guys kissed?” I could smell the alcohol as she talked, “Kate are you drunk?” Just as I asked, guy came over and started making out with her, well that answered my question.

I panicked and ran outside to where the bonfire was. What was he doing here? He’s not supposed to be here until tomorrow. I sat down on one of the chair and looked up at the sky, letting my thoughts drift.

A phone went off and I quickly turned around. “Sorry I didn’t think anyone was out here,” Matt said. I got to my feet, “I was just leaving.” He sighed, “Y/n, can we please just talk about it?” I stood up and crossed my arms, “We could’ve a year ago.” He ran his fingers through his hair, “You think I didn’t want to?” I looked at the ground, refusing to look him in the eye, “You didn’t,” and I walked away. I could feel him watching me, but I kept walking until I couldn’t.

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Master List

a/n: I’ve deleted some writing, so if you don’t see them, that’s why.


Matthew Espinosa: The Unexpected (completed) 

Nash Grier: The Secret (complete) | Change

Cameron Dallas: A New Beginning


How he asks you to prom

Fan’s favorite picture of you both

The sport you play

The vans he gets you

Pictures from the beach


The dog you have


Nash Grier: This is war 

Cameron Dallas: Forever and always

Matthew Espinosa: It’s only ever been you

Shawn Mendes: I’ll always be here | More than friends

Jacob Whitesides: Birthday Surprise 

Sammy Wilk: Scary movie

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